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Marketing Your FSBO Property Online

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly easy for sellers to market their own homes on the Internet. In fact, it's made selling an FSBO property much easier as buyers trend towards using the Internet to find new properties and narrow down their wish list. If you are new to online marketing, there are some great techniques that you can use to help sell your property online.

1. Set up your own domain. If you have a very special home, or you just want to make a good impression, try buying a domain and setting up a website for your house. You can use this space to put up a virtual tour, share pictures and really give buyers an inside look at your property. If you are placing ads, you can reference this URL in them so buyers can visit for more information.

2. List your property on FSBO sites. Some buyers prefer to deal directly with the seller and there are numerous websites that are dedicated to FSBO listings. Most offer free or low cost listings for sellers and there are enough out there that you'll be able to reach buyers from all over the country, if not the world.

3. Use online valuation sites to your advantage. If your home is available on one of them, you can usually enhance its listing by adding pictures and sale information. Realtors are commonly using this service to market properties and it only makes sense for an FSBO seller to do the same thing. This is a very low cost solution that can really pay off.

4. Auction it off. If you are interested in auctioning your property, there are numerous sites out there that specialize in this. is one that has numerous features for FSBO customers and you can reach a large segment of the population.

5. Place PPC ads. Pay per click ads can be very useful when you are trying to reach out to home buyers. Most search engines offer these and you have the benefit of being able to target a specific geographical area. This works very well if you have your own page for your property or if you have an online listing that you can link to. Some search engines, such as Google, are offering PPC ads with a "click to call" feature that allows buyers to get in touch directly with sellers right from their computers.

6. Place ads on local sites. Most cities in the US have an online presence and many companies or even regular people have their own sites. You can advertise your property on these sites and it is usually pretty inexpensive. This is a great way to combine targeted marketing with online advertising.

These are just six simple ways that you can market your property online. There are numerous resources out there for FSBO sellers and the internet is quickly becoming one of the first places people look when they want to buy a home FSBO. Take advantage of this trend by listing your property online.

Please take advantage of this FREE opportunity to list your property for sale and reach thousands of potential buyers searching our site daily looking for a FSBO home.


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