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Quick FSBO Tips

When you are selling your own home, it can be tough to figure out all of the different things that you're going to need to know to make a successful go of it. Here are some very easy and quick tips that will have you on the road to selling your own home in now time at all.

  1. Know your market. Take the time to research other homes in your area that are for sale. Use their features and pricing to help you create a sale package for your own home. Pay special attention to extra features that your neighborhood may offer and what makes your home stand out.
  2. Get an appraisal. Since you don't have the tools at your disposal that a realtor does, you'll need to get an appraisal on your home. While this does cost money, it will give you a much firmer leg to stand on when pricing your home and accepting offers from sellers. At some point in the sale process an appraiser will need to be brought in, so why not get it out of the way right off the bat?
  3. Stage your home appropriately. Take some time to go through your home to stage it. Clear out all the clutter, paint the walls, arrange your furniture and give it the face lift it needs to look its best. This can take a little time at first, but once you've staged your house once, you'll be ready for any future showings.
  4. Book your showings as close together as possible. You need to create an aura that your home is a hot property. While you shouldn't overlap your showings too closely, by having another buyer arrive on the scene while the first buyer is there, you can help get your point across that you have a hot property. People are much more likely to make an offer when they perceive that they are facing competition.
  5. Don't forget curb appeal. The exterior of your home will need to catch the eye of a buyer and make them want to come inside. Remember, the first five seconds of a buyer's impression are the most crucial. Spend extra time really improving the exterior of your home.
  6. Study your buyers to determine which ones are serious. In order to save time and energy, it's important to focus on the buyers that are actually serious. Ask questions like how soon do they need to buy a home and how long have they been looking to qualify your potential buyers. Focus on the ones that need to move quickly, as they will be more likely to want to start negotiations as quickly as possible.
  7. Don't get discouraged. It can take some time to sell your home on your own and you may have to go through the process of negotiating, signing contracts and waiting for bank financing more than once. Just keep going and know that all of your hard work will pay off.

Getting ready for an Open House

When you are selling a house, chances are that you are going to have at least one open house. There are a few things that you can do to make the experience a good one for everyone who comes. After all, you want people to feel comfortable in your house. If they are not going to feel comfortable, they aren't going to consider buying your house for their own. So, here are some things to remember when you are having an open house so that everyone who comes enjoys it and has a good time.

  1. Flowers
    If you want to put fresh flowers around, stick with flowers that don't have a very heavy scent. You never know when someone is going to come to look at the house who has allergies. Another option, if you don't want to take the risk of real flowers, is to buy some very nice artificial flowers.
  2. Refreshments
    Depending on what type of weather is happening outside, you can offer people cool drinks such as bottled water or lemonade during the warmer days, or hot tea or chocolate during the colder months. Cookies are also always a welcome treat - both for adults and children alike.
  3. Decorating
    The last thing that you want to do when you are having an open house is to have a lot of clutter. You want people to be able to envision their own items there, instead of yours. Make a focal point for each room and leave it at that. For example, in the living room you might put an afghan on the couch or something on the coffee table, depending on what type of room you want to present.
  4. Appeal to everyone
    There is a good chance that you are going to have some visitors that come with children. The last thing that you want to do is to have bored children who are bugging their parents to leave, when you are trying to impress them with the house. It's not a bad idea to keep a small supply of books and toys on hand for the kids so that they have something to do as well while you talk to their parents.
  5. Pets
    As it is with the flowers, you want to have someone watching your pets during open house days. Not everyone is comfortable being around cats and dogs, and they could be allergic to them as well. Give your house a good thorough cleaning before the open house. There are some good products on the market that help with removing allergens from the air.

One of the keys to selling a house is to make sure that people can see themselves living there. They want o be able to see their items in the house, know that their children will be happy there, and know that you are welcoming them. You want to seem friendly and welcoming. Although you want to sell your house, you want people to feel as if you are not just looking at them as a price tag. The more open and friendly you seem, the more people might be willing to buy your house and to deal with you.

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