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Applying for a Home Mortgage Loan

Once you think you have enough knowledge about home mortgage loans, how they work, what kind of things to look for when applying for one, and what to look for in a lender, itís time to actually go out an apply for a home mortgage loan. Before heading into the your chosen lenders office you will need to have some paper work ready when you walk in, being prepared will speed up your application process and help you feel more in control of this important financial situation; having the paper work in order before you sit down also shows that you are not a person that can be taken advantage of.

The lender will want to check a number of things to see if you qualify for a home mortgage loan through their company, so make sure that you have all of your statements showing balances and payments for your credit card(s) and any other loans you may have. You will also need to have current and recent bank statements showing what kind of cash flow you have available, employment information for at least a year along with whom they can contact for verification, W-2ís, paycheck stubs, and tax returns are also helpful in getting you on the right track for qualification. Have a budget lined out showing how you expect to afford the payments for your home mortgage loan, itís not required, but it can be useful in proving to the lender that you will be committed to paying it off. Lastly, always be prepared and make sure you fully understand the process of a home mortgage, being knowledgeable about what to expect will help ease your mind and make thing go smoothly.


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